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Working Smarter not Harder with Google Docs

Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development

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You likely already know Google Docs… even if you’ve never used it because most of the functionality is the same as Microsoft Word. What is NOT intuitive however, is how to transform the way you work as a teacher now that you have Google Docs, a work processor that works on the internet. So, in this course, yes, you’ll see us use the basic Google docs tools, but the focus here is to enhance, improve, and transform the way you teach.

Skill Level Beginner
Course Objective T The instructor will be able to (1) create, manage, and share Google Docs and (2) be a more efficient instructor with Google Docs.
Topics Covered
  • Comparing Google Docs to Word
  • The Writing Process with Google Docs
  • Google Docs Add-Ons
  • Sharing Strategies with Google Docs
Total Duration All Video Modules: 61min
Course Assessment Final Quiz

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