Teaching Effectively and Efficiently with Google Slides

Teaching Effectively and Efficiently with Google Slides

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Meagan Markerson, M.Ed.
Teaching and Learning Consultant

Just as Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word, Google Slides is very similar in functionality to Microsoft Powerpoint. As educators we have been using Powerpoint for years to prepare content for our students so the good news is you already have the basics down. In this course you will build on those basic skills while enhancing how you teach and present by utilizing features that Google Slides has to offer that you are not familiar with as a Powerpoint user.

Skill LevelBeginner
Course ObjectiveThe instructor will be able to (1) create, manage, and share Google Slides and (2) be a more efficient instructor with Google Slides.
Topics Covered
  • Opening a new presentation, sharing and collaborating.
  • Researching and building presentations the Google way.
  • Special tools available to you with Google Slides.
  • Engaging your audience with Slides
Total DurationAll Video Modules: 1hr 10min
Course AssessmentFinal Quiz

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