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ActivPanel Course 2 – Instructing With ActivConnect G

After instructing with the Promethean ActivPanel for a bit, teachers naturally discover the ActivConnect built into the ActivPanel, but maybe they’re wondering.. “What is this? ActivPanels come with computers in them? I thought I had to plug in my teacher computer.” Well, fun surprise… the ActivPanel comes with an on-board computer called the ActivConnect. So, this course is all about that, the new built in computer for the ActivPanel– the ActivConnect. This course is designed to make teachers more effective and efficient when instructing with the built in ActivConnect Android computer.

Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development
Skill Level Beginner +
Course Objective(s) The instructor will be able to effectively deliver engaging instruction with the ActivConnect
Topics Covered Customizing the ActivConnect G for Instruction
App-based instruction with the ActivConnect
Lesson ideas with the ActivConnect
Wireless instruction with the ActivConnect
All Video Modules – Total Duration 56min 59sec
Course Assessment Final Quiz
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