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I Didn’t Know ActivInspire Could Do That!

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We don’t want this technology stuff, and ActivInspire in general, to be a struggle. So, in this Course, we have laid out five of the most “OMG, I didn’t know ActivInspire could do that” strategies for increasing engagement. Think of this course as a top five countdown of the most engaging yet most unknown ActivInspire skills.

Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development
Skill Level Beginner
Course Objective(s) The instructor will be able to increase learner engagement with innovative ActivInspire tools and strategies
Topics Covered ActivInspire Camera Tool Tricks
Working with Graphic Organizers in ActivInspire
ActivInspire Actions
Managing Custom Resources in ActivInspire
All Video Modules – Total Duration 48min 8sec
Course Assessment Final Quiz
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