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ActivInspire and Your Existing Lesson Materials

ActivInspire and teaching with existing materials

This course is about approaching ActivInspire with the mindset that you can build upon the materials you’re already using. So, yes, you will learn new ActivInspire skills like embedding videos and working with math tools, but they will all be related to teaching with your existing lesson materials.

Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development
Skill Level Beginner
Course Objective(s) The instructor will be able to couple existing materials with ActivInspire skills to make instruction more engaging
Topics Covered ActivInspire Camera Tool Tricks
Working with Graphic Organizers in ActivInspire
ActivInspire Actions
Managing Custom Resources in ActivInspire
All Video Modules – Total Duration 52min 20sec
Course Assessment Final Quiz
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