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Promethean Courses

Get started with the Promethean ActivPanel and ActivInspire. Learn everything from hardware and software setup, including the built-in Android computer (ActivConnect G). Explore lesson ideas and teaching strategies designed to make teachers more effective and efficient. Unlock the power of ActivInspire – the world’s bests education software – with our engaging and fun lesson.



ActivPanel NICKEL






Getting Started with ActivInspire


Quick Start Courses

Get Started with the latest Promethean Titanium and Nickel ActivPanel, iSeries, ActivBoard 300Pro, 500Pro, and ActivBoard Touch. These quick and easy courses will help you build the foundations to use these powerful tools in your classroom with confidence

Promethean ActivBoard Pro 300/500/Touch

STEM Courses

Discover the importance and ease of STEM integration in your classroom. This course gives you a foundation of what STEM is and why it is so important for our students. Explore different ways to integrate STEM into all subjects and develop ideas of how to integrate STEM into your lessons regardless of budget. Help prepare you students for the future, using the SuperPower of STEM!